What is Santa MoniCARES?

Santa MoniCARES is a coalition of representatives from Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and tourism community partners with a mission to harness the hospitable nature and generosity of Santa Monica’s tourism industry and provide support to local non-profit agencies.

How does Santa MoniCARES work with the community?

Santa MoniCARES engages employees of hotels, restaurants, attractions, retailers and more to provide volunteer hours, funding and In-kind support to the incredible organizations that are tackling important issues in the community; such as homelessness, environmental protection, hunger, workforce development, cultural programming, at-risk youth and elderly assistance to name a few.

Organizations that we work with:

Upcoming Events:

2024 Volley-Ween

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Your donations help and support the efforts of Santa Monica’s charitable community. You can donate by text 424-276-7272!

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Thank you for your interest in joining Santa MoniCARES and its efforts to give back to the Santa Monica community including donations and volunteer opportunities. Please contact us using the information below.

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